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The Hellgamatic 3000

Weight logs, Cloth Pads, and Personal Woes

16 September 1984
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I am a 26 year old married woman, using lj primarily to learn more about pregnancy and breastfeeding and cloth diapering before starting my TTC journey in late 2010. I am very interested in all things natural, homemade, organic, eco-friendly, or sustainable. I join any community I find interesting or funny, but I do not post on the snarky/unfriendly/drama ones unless replying to a comment to uphold my own beliefs in a situation.

I am a political and social conservative. I believe in Christ our savior. If it were feasible, I would live the amish lifestyle, with hard work and no conveniences. Unfortunately, my husband likes his toaster and his microwave and his computer too much for us to go electricity-free. Sigh.

I have two dogs. Gizmo is 5 years old, 24 pounds, black with a white belly and toes, half black lab and half italian greyhound. Harold is nearly 2 years old, 96 pounds, yellow, half black lab and half rottweiler. I also have a cat, Pharaoh, who is an orange tabby maine coon.

I am six feet tall in bare feet. I have dark brown hair at the moment, but am thinking of bleaching so I can dye it a different color ever few weeks. I also have big boobs, but a thicker waist keeps them from being overwhelming. I am currently on a diet and have lost about 4 pounds in 6 days. Woo!

I crochet and sort of knit, and I sew. I am always picking up new crafts. Last year it was styrofoam and fabric ornaments for christmas. This year it is loom-knitted scarves. Someday I hope to be able to make anything anyone wants for Christmas, short of electronics.

I play nintendo games almost compulsively. I own every major Mario game that has been made for a home console except Super Mario Sunshine, which I plan to get within the next year (just cause I've never played it, and I want to see if it's as bad as they say). I am a Zelda fan and a Tetris nut and I've been known to play Earthbound for 12 hours straight without bathroom or food breaks.

For now, that's probably enough information about me. Tell me about you! I'm always looking for new friends to add on lj.