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Desert, snake, ?!

I really don't remember much about this book...I read it sometime in the past 15 years and I feel like it was adult fiction, maybe fantasy. Protagonist (male...? Maybe?) is in the desert and there is some kind of thing sticking up out of the sand, with (I think) a patch of cement or stone around it, and a snake on it? I think he talks to the snake, or it talks to him. I seem to recall that he is dying, and maybe the snake sees to it that he doesn't. Or that he does. Good lord this is vague...I apologize.

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Legality of selling this type of item

What is the legality of selling a fan-made item with a logo from a fictional company from a movie or video game? Does it fall into fanart, or what? Does it make it "more legal" if what you're selling is a photo of a person wearing clothing you've made with that logo on it?

Example (of the first type of item, not the photo): http://www.etsy.com/listing/83496890/aperture-science-logo-blue-iron-on


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Post More Often Attempt #1

This is my first post since resolving to make this more like an actual journal, rather than a communication tool.

Last night sucked, and today sucks just as much. Jason started feeling sick last night and ended up puking every hour or so, just like I did a few weeks ago when I had this nasty flu thing that has been going around. He was so sick that I couldn't leave him, so I stayed up till...like...5 am. At that point, there was nothing left in his stomach to heave up except mucus, so I was able to finally get a few hours of sleep. I, meanwhile, had the worst toothache I've ever had. I seriously need to go see a dentist.

So now, today, Jason is still sick, pooing yellow liquid and smelling like a yeti. I love him so much and it makes me so miserable to see him like this, with me being able to do nothing but incidental "here's some water" or "let me get your pillow for you" type stuff. I did drag the recliner up from the basement, which took literally 20 minutes of lifting one side onto the next stair, sliding the whole thing sideways, then lifting hte other side, scooting it, adjusting my grip, and going on to the next stair. He ended up helping me at the very last bit, because I was stuck below the chair and couldn't get the door open. He opened it for me but the chair wouldnt' fit through, so he took the door off the hinges and then laid back down. I got it into the living room finally and he was crying, saying it was the sweetest and nicest and bestest and most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for him. I told him that if we weren't already married, I'd be demanding a ring on my finger for that one, lol!

He's asleep now, and I'm sitting in the dark typing, because the light makes him feel sicker. Low lighting conditions always give me such a headache...I should probably take tylenol now to keep it from getting too bad. I'd like to watch a movie, but that's another thing that will make him feel extra icky. I'll probably go read after a while, but for now, I feel like I'm already way too cut off from the world (can't even open the curtains!) to go away from the computer too.

I think the worst part is that everything I wanted to get done today would make him feel worse. Dishes, cleaning the living room, vacuuming, etc.


Starting EARLY this year!

In 5 months and 1 day, I and my team will once again walk over 6 miles to show our dedication to finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. I am starting early on promoting and fundraising this year, to make as much of a difference as I possibly can.

If you are interested in donating, please visit https://www.cff.org/great_strides/GenericDonation/?GSAppealCode=HAMSGS0909&idUI=217926&idVolunteer=1154410 and donate as much or as little as you wish.
ANY little bit helps! The donations are even tax deductible! You just give a flat amount, $5 or $10 or whatever, and it goes straight to helping find a cure for CF!

In 2007, our goal was $1000 and we only managed to raise $230. Last year, we really went ALL OUT and raised $2,622 out of our $3000 goal.
This year, our goal is FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS and we need YOU to help us achieve it!

Also, if you are interested in walking, and getting a SWEET orange team shirt, contact me! Signing up is easy, and you get a nice little packet of info with a donation sheet all ready for you! Team shirts are $5 and the money goes straight into our team's donation pool.

Thanks, everyone who even manages to read this! Happy New Year!

Job Interview

Oh My God I'm freaking out about this interview. It's in 15 minutes. I've done one phone interview before, and I didn't get the job. Maybe because I forgot about the interview and was dashing around cooking and cleaning when the guy called? I was totally out of breath for almost the whole call. I so blew it.

This one, I'm a bit more prepared for. I'm dressed as though I'm going to an in-person interview. I have my resume and the job requirements printed out and sitting in front of me. I have the phone here at the desk, waiting for it to ring. I think I'm going to puke.

I haven't told mom and dad yet that they called me for an interview. I got an email first, saying they didn't want me. The call was completely unexpected! I am seriously considering not telling mom and dad until I get the job, and then just showing up at their workplace and being all "Oh, hey, you work here too? what a coincidence!"

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. My heart is trying to leap out through my throat like it does after the car slides or someone cuts me off or we miss hitting a deer by a scant few inches. I'm so going to bomb this. I know I am.

Homemade Convenience Foods

Lately I've been trying to reduce my intake of food additives in general. The best way I've found to do this is to make homemade foods from scratch as much as possible.

However, I am lazy. I don't always like to have to be in the kitchen every evening cooking a meal. So, I'm working on finding recipes for homemade convenience foods that will work well for us.

So far, I've got: Frozen lasagna, frozen pre-prepared pasta sauces (stroganoff, yum), homemade hot pockets, and homemade muffins (make lots, have them for a few days worth of breakfast).

Any other thoughts? I don't like anything spicy or with peppers in it, or anything oriental at all. Maybe dried soup mixes? I do have a huge container of pancake mix I made from scratch, it's so convenient but I know there isn't MSG or something crazy like that in it!


TOTALLY go check out Gladrags cloth pads (http://gladrags.com). They're awesome, look super comfy, and the people are very, very nice! I'm getting one in the mail at some point and I'm super stoked.

My stash is slowly growing! I love it!



How do you manage to keep blogging every day? I can never think of enough interesting things to say each day to keep a blog going. I'm not a writer, I don't do well putting deep and meaningful things into text. I never kept a diary. I suck at writing letters.

I'll try, though. Here goes nothing.

I tried making a cloth pad last night in the style of lunapads liners. I forgot, however, that sewing flannel on the bias is a huge pain in the butt. I cut out my top pieces at an angle on the old pair of pants I was chopping up, to conserve fabric, and ended up with a twisty, bunchy mess when I sewed it together. I think from now on I'll stick with cutting up the receiving blankets I got at walmart on clearance (5 for like $2, that's alot of flannel).

I can't wait till I have the money to buy some nice ones online. They sell lunapads at the hippie store I frequent (all natural shampoo ftw), but they're like $14 each, and I can't even afford to spend $5 on one, much less $14. Maybe I just need to save up and get a serger?

Dream House?

There is a house for sale for only $73k in Ottawa and it is perfect. It is exactly what I want in a house: two bedrooms, a bathroom, a basement, a yard, and a stone porch.

Oh, how I wish we had credit.